Error in the procedure of PDU Session Resource Setup Response

We are connecting free5gc to our commercial UE&RA, meanwhile we have already succeeded connecting free5gc to UERANSIM. We compared the capture files of UERANSIM and our commercial ue&ran, we noticed that “Item 2: id-PDUSessionResourceFailedToSetupListSURes” occurs in the procedure of PDUSessionResourceSetupResponse in our commercial version capture file. We have no clue how the procedure ran into this error. Maybe someone can help us to figure out how to set up PDU session successfully. Here are capture files below. Thanks for help.
SIM& (122.1 KB)
1230log.docx (22.3 KB)

Is there any error on log?

@calee Absolutely, have attached above

This issue may be related with the QFI issue. ref) [Bugs] SMF set a wrong QFI in NGAP/PDUSessionResourceSetupRequest. · Issue #100 · free5gc/free5gc · GitHub.
Can you please try the following patch ?
Running free5gc stage3 with Amarisoft gNodeB + UE

Because this patch includes the fix of the QFI issue.