Free5gc support the SDR device?

Hello free5gc memebers.

I’m student that interesting in wireless vulnerability & security in Republic of Korea.
Recently, I’m constructing the SA 5G.

So, i have one question about free5gc…
free5gc is support the SDR device? about… USRP X310…
I searched github and wiki… hard but couldn’t find out whether free5gc supports SDR devices.
I’m confuse that Free5GC is support the SDR device.

If you know the answer… please give me!

Thank for your interest!


free5GC only provide the core network. We do not implement any part related to RAN. So we do not have any relationship with USRP or other SDR devices.

Thanks for your reply.

Then, can i using the free5GC with srsLTE or OAI5G?

Actually we didn’t test it and will not plan on it recently. But we think it’s interesting to test with srsLTE or OAI5G if they also support 5G SA.

We’re glad to see if someone has try to test it. Please feel free to report any issue when testing on it.

It seems that there is also some successfully testing report on SDR device. Maybe there can be some discussion.

Oh!! Thanks !

This information very helpful!!