Free5GMANO - Issue Installing nmctl Client


I’m currently trying to implement free5gmano for use with free5gcore, however I’m stuck in the “Apply NSSI” section. Despite what appears to be a successful install of nmctl, when I try to enter any nmctl command such as “nmctl get plugin”, I’m told that the system cannot recognize the command. The output of “pip3 install -e ." is as follows. Do you know what’s going on here, and how I can get nmctl working properly?

Obtaining file:///home/cci5gbase/free5gmano-cli
Collecting click==7.1 (from nmctl==0.1)
Using cached
Collecting pandas==0.24.2 (from nmctl==0.1)
Using cached
Collecting numpy>=1.12.0 (from pandas==0.24.2->nmctl==0.1)
Using cached
Collecting pytz>=2011k (from pandas==0.24.2->nmctl==0.1)
Using cached
Collecting python-dateutil>=2.5.0 (from pandas==0.24.2->nmctl==0.1)
Using cached
Collecting six>=1.5 (from python-dateutil>=2.5.0->pandas==0.24.2->nmctl==0.1)
Using cached
Installing collected packages: click, numpy, pytz, six, python-dateutil, pandas, nmctl
Found existing installation: nmctl 0.1
Uninstalling nmctl-0.1:
Successfully uninstalled nmctl-0.1
Running develop for nmctl
Successfully installed click-7.1 nmctl numpy-1.19.0 pandas-0.24.2 python-dateutil-2.8.1 pytz-2020.1 six-1.15.0

I am using the following guides: