5G Core Network Slicing

I’ve noticed free5gmano.
Do free5gc and free5gmano have ability to implement eMBB、URLLC、mMTC slices ?
I want to classify traffic using AI to route traffic to proper slice.

I’ve tried to figure out implementation of environment for many days.
I really don’t have idea or approach about how to use free5gc or others to implement environment. (I’ve installed free5gc)

Does anyone have idea or approach to implement environment ?

Awfully thank you for your time.

Hello gunbear !
did you find anything yet ? if so , can you please share information ??
am as much lost as you are now !

I am working on free5gc, I am trying to do nearly the same thing.
Did you find anything yet about the 5G slicing? Could you please share the code if you get any?