5GC Performance


i’m writing my master thesis about performance of the new 5GC and its network-functions at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Germany.

Therefore I am interested if you have done any performance testing on your version of the 5GC?

For me it would be really helpful to have some kind of information on how long it takes for the network-functions to process the different calls.

Thank you in advance.


free5GC do not support any performance testing as of now. We are mainly working on functionality implementation.
Furthermore, free5GC will be open to discussion if there is anyone working on it.

Batch120.pcap (366.5 KB) Hi,
I simulate 120 (batch register and Ping) within 8 minutes on my hp e840g3 core i5.


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Hi thornton,

thanky you very much.

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Hi, could you pls share me with how you do the batch test? I’m also trying to do some performance tests but don’t know where to start. Thanks a lot!!!

it need change some codes in 5gc and also need to design a simulator base on test_registration.
and need to change the site connectivity.i once send a topo and configuration files in the forum to answer one topic,you can search it.