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Post here any issues you may have installing, configuring or running free5GC. If you are not sure if you hit a bug this is the right place to do it.

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For asking for supporting, please provide information as below or other useful details for debugging.

  • free5GC version
  • kernel version
  • OS version
  • pcap file (sudo tcpdump -i any -w free5gc.pcap)
  • configuration file (you can zip the config folder)
  • whether you have installing gtp5g module
  • using docker or not / system architecture

Hello Team,

I am a new subscriber of free5gc and want to setup the environment for my understanding of 5GC. Below are few queries related to the setup free5gc.org is offering in v3:

  1. Reference architecture diagram for v3.
  2. Reference software architecture document.
  3. Reference planning guide/doc to understand the configuration done in 5GC NFs.

Looking forward for support on above topics.

Nishant Singh

  1. You can refer to our website and check as below.

  2. All free5GC program is follow 3GPP R15.3. The architecture you can check at 3GPP TS 29.501, TS 29.502

  3. You can check wiki to find out the configuration details.