AMBR enforcement with free5gc + UERANSIM

Hi @free5GC,
is now the AMBR enforcement supported by free5gc?
I configured a free5gc + UERANSIM deployment in which the free5gc and the UERANSIM are running in different bare metal VMs.
I tried to delete and register a new Subscriber from the webconsole configuring the “Uplink AMBR” and the “Downlink AMBR” with different values and I checked the bandwidth inside the tunnel using iperf.
I know that throughput and bandwidth are different concepts but I expected to obtain a bandwidth similar to the AMBR values I set for both the uplink and the downlink that were instead very different.

In the following image you can see the results of some of the test I performed
Screenshot from 2022-11-16 12-10-02

Changing the order of magnitude of the AMBR value I can see that something is happening but the enforcement is not performed properly.
Screenshot from 2022-11-16 12-15-20

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ianchen0119,
I checked out the UERANSIM code to tag v3.2.6 and I recompiled the code.
After this modification I see that now the AMBR is enforced!
Many thanks!

Hi @l.lossi

You can refer to this GitHub issue:
I think it might be help to you.