Are there any wifi devices supporting N3IWF now?

Generally, n3iwf supports all kinds of wifi devices that enable GRE tunnel passthrough.

The problem is that: does your UE support the procedures of SA architecture in 3GPP R15?
Because most of the so called 5G UEs in the market now are based on NSA architecture, we’re not sure whether your UE can support SA architecture or not.

If I have a 5G SA UE, could I use it to connect to SA free5gc 5GC in R3.0.2 via N3IWF?

Yes, we think so, but we didn’t test it yet we have no commercial UE yet.

You may also need to set wifi to bridge mode due to the feature of NAT traversal not add to free5GC yet.

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Hello @free5GC I am trying to install free5gc
I came across this step while installation of N3IWF
sudo ip link add ipsec0 type vti local remote key

How to assign ip address IKEBindAddress and IPSecInterfaceMark

and next step also
sudo ip address add <IPSecInterfaceAddress/CIDRPrefix> dev ipsec0
sudo ip link set dev ipsec0 up

how to perform these steps please help

Does 5G SA UE successfully connect to free5gc via N3IWF ? Has anyone tried this yet ?

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We had tested N3IWF with a 5GC validation solution, and the related bugfix will release recently. However, unfortunately, we haven’t validated with an off-the-shelf Non-3GPP UE. Of course, any information and sponsor of UE is welcome!

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