Authentication method EAP-AKA' not working

Hello everyone,

For my lab I am using free5gc core network with UERANSIM.

I am facing the following issue as soon as I change the authentication method (in the webconsole) of my subscriber from EAP-AKA to EAP-AKA-PRIME.

I saw the only configuration file related to it in the configuration files of free5gc : /config/ausfcfg.yaml and I tried both false and true parameters in case it would change something but I still have the error.

I made sure the configuration of the subscriber are the same between the one I created in the webconsole and the configuration file of the UERANSIM: free5gc-ue.yaml (didn’t find anything related to the authentication method in here)
Are there any other configuration file I need to modify ? or the error is comming from somewhere else ?

Here is the error in wireshark in which we can see that the authentication method selected is EAP-AKA’
so I suppose the issue might be in the UERANSIM ?

If anyone knows or has already faced this issue, I could use some help.

Hello, thank you for your inquiry. We are attempting to reproduce the issue you encountered. EAP-AKA-PRIME should be supported, and we will keep you informed of any progress. Thank you.

Hello, after our investigation, we have confirmed that the issue lies with UERANSIM. We are currently discussing specific solutions, and we ask for some time to address this matter. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi, thank you for your answers and clarifications. I will wait for new updates on this.

Hello, our final conclusion was that we might need to ask you to inquire with the UERANSIM officials, sorry for the inconvenience.

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