Authentication Request, Authentication failure(Mac failure), Authentication reject

Currently, I am working on integrating Amarisoft with free5gc. If you would like to check any references, please visit: Assistance Required for Free5GC Integration Project - #11 by Kumarsatyam1

The IP address for the Amari Callbox Classic is, and for free5gc, it is I am currently facing some issues, and if anyone has any ideas, please share your insights.

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Kumar Satyam

Dear @yashih, I got to know about you by my friend Indranil Saha. He refer me to contact you.

I am reaching out to seek your assistance for my project. I have outlined the issues I am facing in the attached document

issue_of_authentication.pdf (676.3 KB)

You can also find additional details on the Free5GC forum at the following link: Assistance Required for Free5GC Integration Project

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Kumar Satyam

hi @Kumarsatyam1
Thanks for your invitation, however, I’ve already been assigned a new issue and am no longer in charge of this question. Therefore we will send a new expert to answer this @wilson30139 this question, he is an expert in 5G authentication, and he will provide more help than I do

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Thank you for you help in previous issues @Leon777-coder.

Hi, @wilson30139 I’m getting an issue regarding Authentication failure. If I do 5G_AKA then in wireshark log, I see Authentication request , Authentication failure (MAC), Authentication reject.

Similarly, If I change in Authentication method to EAP_AKA_PRIME then this in image:

and in Amarisoft webgui I see this log:

issue_of_authentication.pdf (676.2 KB)

Kumar Satyam

Hi, @Leon777-coder, I need your help regarding this issue.

Hi, we are working on it, thanks for questioning.

@wilson30139 any update regarding this?

@wilson30139 and @free5GC team,
can you tell me which sim algo free5gc follows? Because for gNB in Amarisoft they use sim algo as “xor” (sim_algo: “xor”, /* USIM authentication algorithm: xor, milenage or tuak */). And how can I find OPC value also?

Any update on my previous query?

Thank you
Kumar Satyam

Okay, thank you for your reply

Hi, I think the sim algorithm used by free5GC is XOR. Regarding the value of OPC, you can run go run server.go under the ~/free5gc/webconsole directory. Enter the URL in the web browser, and you can find the value of OPC in the WebConsole. Here is the reference URL: GitHub - free5gc/webconsole at a43764b427be940e42baa827243ec7555ed335e4.

Hi, @wilson30139, you can check this issue as well: [Feat] Supporting TUAK algorithm set as the AKA algorithm · Issue #93 · free5gc/free5gc · GitHub

I believe free5GC supports Milenage authentication, but I could be mistaken. Please verify by reviewing the code in this link: