Automation scenario - does free5gc support external API to deregister a UE?



I’m working on a demo deployment where an external monitoring system decides when to ‘kick out a misbehaving UE’

UERANSIM has the option of ‘deregister switch-off’ by nr-cli utility, on UE side, but I’m looking for a way to deregister it from free5gc’s side

is there a way to API with AMF to send a command to deregister a UE by its IMSI - from an external system ?

AMF has the service (/namf-comm/v1/ue-contexts/{ueContextId}/release) to trigger deregistration.
You can check TS 29.518 to get the details.

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thanks for the info !

I’d appreciate some technical assistance on how to use this service from CLI

some background:

I have an external process that checks, for example, the UPF throughput
when a threshold is exceeded the plan is to deregister the ‘rouge’ UE

How can this service be used/invoked by the external system ?
How can TS 29.518 be used by API to external system ?

found this OpenAPI tool that supports Namf-comm
what credentials should be used:

  • Client ID ?
  • Client Secret ?