Can't find UPF with DNN [internet]

  1. free5gc version - 3.0.3
  2. kernel version - Linux ramsha 5.4.0-42-generic #46~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 10 07:21:24 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  3. configuration file is attached here - config.tar.gz (3.7 KB)
  4. With Docker
  5. gtp5g moduled is installed
  6. NGAP protocol contents of pdu session establishment request message - forum-pdu-session-establishment-request-pcap.txt (6.1 KB)
  7. Screenshot of Terminal log

Can you provide the pcap file?

How’s your docker env and architecture, where do you put your RAN and UE (maybe simulator?) on?

RAN and UE runs as a simulator. can you tel me what do you mean by hows your docker env and architecture?

RAN and UE is also in the container or not. Is it use the same compose file as CN or not. If RAN wants to access to CN, will it go through NAT or it can directly route to CN. etc.

Briefly to says that it is better if you can draw your architecture of the docker env setup.

RAN and UE are not in the container. It runs as on a separate host. We have added routes from another host (where RAN and UE will be running) to reach the CN.

How’s your UPF’s config file looks like?

  1. upfcfg1.yaml file
  2. Setup diagram
    free-5gc-setup-diagram (2)

Is the UPF running and SMF successfully connect to UPF?

Is it possible to give the whole pcap file and log file to more information.

Im unable to upload entire wireshark captures pls let me know which message you need. I will upload that particular message.
Please find screenshot of the captures.

Is there any PFCP message?

Please find the wireshark captures.
forum-free5gc-sept9-docker-failed.pcapng (2.0 KB)

Please find pfcp msgs in this captures.
forum-upload-sept10-pfcp-msgs.pcapng (3.0 KB)

There is no PFCP Association Setup Response, is your UPF running successfully?

Kindly ignore the previous wireshark captures on pfcp.There were some warnings in pcf entity when I captures those logs.
After restarting my system I freshly took wireshark captures. I didnot notice any pfcp messages.
Im attaching entire terminal logs and fresh wireshark captures. It doesnot contain any pfcp messages even after applying filters.

  1. Wireshark capturres
    forum-upload-sept11-free5gc.pcapng (2.1 KB)
  2. Terminal logs
    forum-upload-terminal-logs-sept11.txt (110.0 KB)

I found the error:

http2: server connection error from connection error: PROTOCOL_ERROR

Try to set all of your sbi to https, will it work?

Do you mean scheme has to be changed to https in all the config files?

Yes, for “all” config file. Let’s give it a try.

Errors are coming like this after changing to https

If your scheme of NRF change to https, your nrf url for each NF must also be modify.

  1. I have modified http to https in all the places in config file, but still getting this error.