Connect multiple UE

I am trying to add multiple UE with UERANSIM. I am subscribing them in the webconsole but I have the doubt if I have to create a yaml file for each UE?

Also, Do I need to change the file ueranem.yaml to add multiple IMSI?

Excuse me,
May I have your attention. I can use UERANSIM to register multiple UEs with the same config file, and the IMSI included in the file is fixed, i.e., 208930000000003. I wonder how to understand this phenomenon? In general, IMSI is unique to each UE.


If anyone is interested in this. To create another free5g-ue.yaml file it’s only necessary to

  • add a new subscriber changing IMSI and KEY thought the webportal
  • Create a new file with the freeg5c-ue.yaml structure and change the Key and IMSI to match the subscriber that was already added in the webconsole

With this it run very well. Both can reach outside networks. Now I am trying to make them reach between UEs but I think it might be a configuration of routing. If anyone has an idea please let me know

Thank you for the answer!
So there isn’t a massive way to create UEs? That doesn’t go through the webui?

@yonlo1 You can have a look at this tool which allows to populate the database with new UEs from a config file. Then you just need to add a new line for each imsi in a config file instead of creating through the webui.

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