Do the tests offered are preconfigured or they actually use the configuration files


I was checking the tests coding and some of such tests have within the code, in the arguments of its functions part of the configuration information directly embebed. For instance, in the TestRegistration function inside registration_test.go there is the following command:

// RAN connect to AMF
conn, err := test.ConntectToAmf(“”, “”, 38412, 9487)
assert.Nil(t, err)

Since in the conguration files, AMF is already defined with than same IP address, I would like to know if the test when executing is reading such file and its functions are being filled with such infromation, or if this is not happening and the configuration information is directly being read from the code as the example before?

I ask this simply because I would like to develop some similar tests of my own to test the core and I´m studying how to do it.


The test is just using for testing if free5GC is successfully installed or not. We do not provide config file for test and the test only work on the initial config, that means, if you modify the config file, the test may not pass.