Docker Container

Hi to everyone,

Has anyone tried to run any of the Control Plane NF’s with Alpine Linux?
And as such, tried to create an Apline based docker container ?



How about taking a try of this.


This worked really well, thank you, although there is still some config work to get upf etc up and working.

Once issue I am having right now, which I came across before with the Facebook 4G bare-metal setup and that is:

  • I updated GRUB to allow me to boot off multiple kernels, in our case 5.0.0-23-generic
  • However when booting using that version I lose my wifi and the O/S cant see any WiFi hardware. I’m using an Intel NUC.
  • This does not happen when I run 5GC in a VM running on my laptop, however its a VM.

I’m going to see on Intel can I get a WiFi driver that will work for me and get that working. For my lab setup I need WiFi until I do some more load testing


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