Does free5GC support simultaneous multiple UE attach messages?


Hi ,
I didn’t have success in connecting simultaneous multiple UEs with CN using the release v3.0.3. I had some errors in AMF (goroutines with a segmentation fault). How do you test this functionality?

Do you test it one by one or send the multiple UE request in the same time?

In this case, I send the multiple UE request in the same time and I get errors.

Now free5GC has some architecture defect on multiple request in the same time and will be fixed in the next release.
We’re not sure if you reach this bug. If you can provide more information such as error log and pcap file, we can get more deeper for the error cause.

Hi, thank you. About the error above I think my test is a little different. I have some SCTP connections and some UE that want to connect to the core at the same time. Log and pcap file have been attached.

free5gctopic.pcapng (13.3 KB) (6.6 KB)