Does pcf support usageMonitoring?

I think PCF of free5GC v3.4.1 does not support usageMonitoring.
Is there a plan to support it or has free5GC already supported it?


free5GC doen’t support usageMonitoring.
Also, we have not plan for doing this now.

However, could you share more details about what usageMonitoring you are willing to have from free5GC?

Thank you for your reply.

I develpped PCRF and OCF for EPC.
These software provide 2 ways to count usage volume.
One is that OCS uses Gy interface.
The other one is that PCRF uses usageMonitoring option of Gx interface.

So, I wondered if I can achieve the same thing by using CHF and PCF with usageMonitoring.

@takaoka-stellar Thanks for your information.
I am unfamiliar with EPC Charging, so I can’t directly tell you if it’s achievable or not.

Moreover, we had a Charing Design Document on our website; you can see it from here.

Thank you for telling me the document.
I will check it.

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