Error between SMF and UPF while running ./


Hi, when i run ./, it shows [ERRO][SMF][App] Failed to setup an association with UPF[], error:Request Transaction [1]: retry-out.

then i ignore it and use UEransim to establish gnb and ue, gnb is established successfully but ue stuck when sending pdu session establishment requestment.

so i check free5gc, it says
[ERRO][SMF][CTX] In ActivateUpLinkTunnel UPF IP:
[ERRO][SMF][CTX] Allocate PDR Error: this upf do not associate with smf

webconsole shows that UE has been conneceted, it seems like the ue is registered in free5gc.

i also use ifconfig to check network cards of UEransim, the tunnel uesimtun0 is not created.
i suspect that there is some mistake in upf/smf settings, but i dont know how to fix it. Any hints/help will be highly appreciated.

Hello @ares,
I think you can refer to this, the problems encountered in it are very similar to yours, and may solve your doubts.

UPF is responsible for packet forwarding, QoS enforcement, DL Data Buffering…and so on.
You can’t ignore the error message, because of UPF and SMF only can interact with each other after N4 association established.
You can try to re-build UPF by using this command:

make upf

or check whether UPF is running correctly when run: