Error in amf and smf while connecting UE

when I am running free5GC core stage 1, and i am trying to connect to ue, i am getting below error in smf:

[06/23 14:15:50.034] INFO: APN_type: 2 (smf_context.c:1466)
[06/23 14:15:50.035] ERRR: CHECK CONFIGURATION: Cannot find UE Pool (smf_context.c:1329)
[06/23 14:15:50.035] ASSERT: !(subnet). (smf_context.c:1342)
[06/23 14:15:50.035] ASSERT: !(sess->ipv4). Can’t allocate IPv4 Pool (smf_context.c:817)
[06/23 14:15:50.035] ASSERT: !(sess). No Session Context (smf_context.c:1470)
[06/23 14:15:50.035] SMF try to terminate

in amf:

2020/06/23 14:15:50 error making request: Post “”: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

any suggestion would be very helpful.


Dear @vikash,

Can you provide your config?

I tried to debug this from RAN side, and i found the solution like i was not providing the correct CIDR for UE allocation in free5GC.conf file, after providing the correct CIDR the problem got resolved.
Thanks for your help.