Error while running ./freeg5c-upfd GetAbsPath() realpath fail

Stage3 issue

I am receiving below error while I want to run ./free5gc-upfd
first I run NRF then I try to run upf.

I do not know how to set IP address on NF. is there any need to set IP ?

root@free5gc:~/free5gc/src/upf/build/bin# ./free5gc-upfd
ERRO[2020-08-05T18:02:09Z] /root/free5gc/src/upf/lib/utlt/src/utlt_lib.c:18 GetAbsPath() realpath fail : No such file or directory UPF=Util
ERRO[2020-08-05T18:02:09Z] /root/free5gc/src/upf/src/upf_init.c:163 UpfInit() Invalid config path: ./config/upfcfg.yaml UPF=UtilERRO[2020-08-05T18:02:09Z] /root/free5gc/src/upf/src/upf.c:28 main() UPF failed to initialize UPF=Util
ERRO[2020-08-05T18:02:09Z] /root/free5gc/src/upf/src/up/up_path.c:233 BufferServerTerminate() epoll deregister error UPF=Util
ERRO[2020-08-05T18:02:09Z] /root/free5gc/src/upf/src/upf_init.c:183 UpfTerm() UPF - Buffer Server error when UPF terminates UPF=Util
ERRO[2020-08-05T18:02:09Z] /root/free5gc/src/upf/src/upf.c:36 main() UPF terminate error UPF=Util

It seems that your upf cannot find config file. Try to run ./bin/free5gc-upfd on previous path?

Thanks for your response. It should run when I am in build directory