Errors that occur when changing the SMF port number

I would like to change the SMF port number to activate multiple SMFs.
I ran TestRegistration with the SMF port numbers changed to see if changing the SMF port numbers would work.

Specifically, I changed the smfContext.HTTPPort in src/smf/context/smf_context.go from 29502 to ex. 29522.

However, when I change the SMF port number, I get the following error.

ERRO[2020-09-10T23:30:54+09:00]/home/mnw/free5gc/src/amf/nas/handler.go:42 free5gc/src/amf/nas.HandleNAS() Handle NAS Error: server no response AMF=NGAP

Why is this?
How can I change the SMF port number and make it work well?

Here’s the pcap file and log of running TestRegistration with the SMF port number changed. (1022.0 KB)
log.txt (32.4 KB)

Is your SBI successfully bind on the address and working?

Yes, SBI successfully bind on and working.

I found there is these error

http2: server connection error from connection error: PROTOCOL_ERROR

So I’m wondering if the SBI is running successfully?

Why are these errors occurring?
I simply changed the SMF port number from the default value.
How do I resolve this?

I’m not sure why your system return the error.

Maybe you can try to set http2 scheme from http to https and try it again.