Establish WIFI to connect real time UE

Hi i just want to know we are able to test n3iwf by using simulator UE . Is possible to test real UE for connecting via wifi(AP) to n3iwf with 5GC?

Hello @Sivaneshkumar, take a look at Ciro’s project, available at GitHub - LABORA-INF-UFG/Proto6G-Install: This repository describes steps for installing the elements that make up Proto6G (UE-non3GPP + N3IWF + Free5gc)., he used the n3iwf interface (not 3gpp), my project is to use the 3gpp interface and connect a real ue to the 5G core. If you were successful in accessing a 5G core resource, let us know here.

hi @pabllobc as per the document they tested with UE simulator . They are not mention about how to connect real UE . Are you tested by using ciro project?