Fail to connect to a real RAN/gNB



I’m trying to connect free5GC to a real gNB.

Registration is OK, but after that gNB is waiting for 10 secs and then disconnects.

Pls see attached pcap for details: - AMF - gNB

  • Packet # 2841 - Registration Complete from gNB

  • then during 10 secs noting on NGAP/NAS and also on HTTP2

  • and packet #3701 – UEContextReleaseRequest from gNB with cause= radio connection with UE lost

Could you pls look at the this, and possibly give a hint what could be a reason for this disconnect.

Remark: The same gNB connects to another opensource 5G core successfully

gNB_disconnects_after succesuful_registration.pcap (570.8 KB)

Hi @zmkglb

Please can you help sharing method or procedure to connect real RAN / UE to free5GC core setup ?

I have tested using UERANSIM but need help in understanding the steps to connect a real RAN / UE device or WiFi device to free5GC.

Per your pcap UE has passed autentification only from the 3rd time. May be this is the reason of disconnect. Another point: after packed #3701 it seems that gNB is waiting for some additonal info from AMF, but doesn’t receive it and disconnects (after a timer expiration).