Flow rules not applied to PFCP rules


Hi, I’m testing PCF by setting the Flow Rules in the webconsole.

The session establishment completes without error messages, but the Flow rule settings seems not applied to PDR/QER rules in PFCP session Establishment. e.g. MBR in QER is still the value of Session AMBR.
The default pcfcfg.yaml was used and I did not add PCF related changes to any NFs.
Is additional configs for PCF or SMF necessary for applying the flow rules ?

Hi @rekibun,
May I ask which version of free5GC you use?
I use free5GCv3.2.1 and set “DNN configuration” and “Flow rules” both. And then, I saw that they were set successfully in mongodb free5gc db.
Finally, when UE send the PDU Session Request, I can see the downlink MBR is 200000 (originally is 100000).