Free5gc-compose configuration details

I am trying to setup free5gc-compose using docker. I was following the exact steps. I need to understand the configuration ( various IP address for each NF) and how to communicate from UESIM ( another VM). Struggling on assigning IP address and setting up.

Im also interested in this topic, specifically, knowing how to configure this IP to connect the containers of the amf and upf with other VM

Hi @nithya,
these steps may help you:
after activating docker,

  1. use the command docker inspect -f '{{.Name}} - {{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' $(docker ps -aq) to see all containers(NFs) IPs.
    or docker inspect amf to see the amf-IP.

  2. use the command ifconfig to see the VM-NIC ip (usually format is 192.168..)

  3. sets the above IPs to the N2 and N3 interface in gnb config in UERANSIM (~/UERANSIM/config/free5gc-gnb.yaml).
    ref: free5gc installation