free5GC Stage 3 configuration

I’ve installed the free5GC Stage 1, and I used the UE connected to the DN via free5GC Stage 1 successfully.

But I’ve installed the free5GC Stage 3, and I followed the steps about configuration (S-NSSAI, ULCL in SMF ). But the free5GC Stage 3 can’t connect to the eNodeB.

eNodeB IP address :
UPF IP address :

Could you check my config file or tell me how to configure in detail please.

Thankyou ! (9.2 KB)


free5GC stage 3 is based on 5GC SA architecture, which means it only support gNodeB and using NGAP to connect with it.

You may need to check if your RAN support NGAP or not.

Can you please suggest some gnodeb which are commercially available ?