Free5GC Testing Failures

Hi. I’ve installed and run Free5GC Stage 3 and am now starting to carry out testing. I get a fail on the first test (TestRegistration). Can anybody advise what the problem might be? Screenshot attached.

Seems to be an address already in use problem.

Try to check which process is using Usually, it’s due to the old process of same NF not killed. You can use script to kill all NF.

Hi calee. What is NF and how can I run the force_kill script?
Prior to getting this error, all I do is start my machine, run with ./
then run ./ TestRegistration
I can’t see why some other process would be using the port? Or am I supposed with run the tests without having run free5gc before hand?

NF: network function is a script under free5gc, just execute it.

You cannot run with simultaneously. The script will start CN as well. If you want to test it, just run

OK. I got the first couple of tests to work now. On this one I get a FAIL:
./ TestServiceRequest
Any ideas what the problem could be?