Getting Error when Testing UERANSIM against free5GC

Hi, I launch free5gc and at the start everything goes well but when I enter the command sudo build/nr-ue -c config/free5gc-ue.yaml in terminal 2 the free5gc terminal shows an error that I attach in this topic. I have checked every yaml file fromn ueransim VM and free5gc VM and dont know why I’m getting the problem.

This is what the ssh terminal show when I write sudo build/nr-ue -c config/free5gc-ue.yaml

And this is what free5GC terminal shows:

I dont get the uesimtun0 in ifconfig due to this error I guess…
Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.

Do you register a subscriber in free5GC?
Maybe you can check the subscriber’s setting😄

Hi Kevin!. You were right, I configured the subscriber in the ueransim VM instead of the free5GC VM, now appears the uesimtun0 with ifconfig command but in the last part of the walkthrough says:

Now use ping:

ping -I uesimtun0
If ping gets replies, then free5GC is running properly. Congratulations!

and this is what i get:

Do you know what can be happening? I really appreciate your help.

Hi @ryublak,
I see your new question!
I was wondering that you had ping free5gc to see if it worked?
If the ping fails, please check whether the IP settings in the yaml file are correct, thank you~