Has anyone tested multiple SMF or other NF?

Has anyone tested multiple SMF or other NF? What are the network functions that can be slicing at present? I have tested multiple UPFs, then what about other network functions.

Hello @xiaobinggan-zmh ,
I have not tested multiple SMF or other NF before.
But as far as I understand, other network functions should also be able to do it.
You can try it out, I look forward to your results :muscle:

Hi @xiaobinggan-zmh

you can refer to this video:

btw, you can try to search your problem on the forum before you submit a new question.


Thank you. I have successfully tested two SMFS and two UPFs, and the two terminals are connected respectively, but I found a problem, that is, when one terminal can access the Internet, the other can’t, and when the other terminal can access the Internet, this one can’t. They can’t access the Internet at the same time. Why is this problem?

Could you tell me which version of free5gc used now?
even provide the method for reproducing the problem?


I have successfully tested multiple SMF and UPF.

Good job! :+1: :+1: :+1:

@ianchen0119 I use version 3.0.6。

Hi @xiaobinggan-zmh
Please upgrade to the latest version, we don’t maintain the older version anymore.


@ianchen0119 I upgraded to the latest version, but there is still such a problem that the terminal cannot access the video server in the LAN.