Help... Connect UE and N3IWF PLEASE!

Hey guys, how are you?

I am studying the subject for a job in college and I wanted some help, I wanted to connect an UE (a virtual machine, eg ubuntu) with free5gc using N3IWF. In my work I just wanted to connect the EU with the N3IWF and make the two communicate and test this communication with wireshark for example. Can you help me please? What would be the steps? I’m a beginner on the subject.

anyone? please anyone can help ?

@agenteph What UE did you use to communicate to the n3iwf?

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We use one VM with are connected via wifi with another VM. i need to connect a UE via WIFI with another machine via wifi… Its possible? A test that i have the UE connecting to the n3iwf in another machine via wifi ?

@agenteph What UE are you using for connecting to n3iwf? Did you develop one or are you using from github?

I using from github.

@agenteph can you post the link here?

Here: GitHub - my5G/my5G-non3GPP-access: Implements a security connection using untrusted non3GPP

Did you succeed in connecting the UE(my5G-non3GPP-access) to N3IWF(my5G-core)?
And then did you succeed in sending a ping from UE to Internet?
For example, did a UE receive the reply after sending a ping to via gretun0 device?

Hi @agenteph

It looks like my5G-non3GPP project is not able to connect to the free5GC via N3IWF: