How core network (UPF) connects to the real internet (www, ISP)?

apologies for the basic question.
i am bit confused, how simulated SIM connects to the real internet? i mean do free5GC network uses local WIFI connectivity after UPF to connect to internet?

our simulated sim within free5GC network should have provisioned to the local internet provider network right? how it works in free5GC solution?


That depended on how you simulate, right?

In our case, we do not use any wireless device. We just simulate the call flow of RAN to CN.

Thank you for the instant reply.

Yes that is depend on simulation method. can you reply on below questions .

  1. so in your youtube video (6. Use case: Human user) where video call tested on two seperate handsets, do you used local MNO real SIM card with your simulated 5G core ? if Not then how your simulated network reached the internet.

  2. Is it possible to reach the or internet using current test environment which free5GC is using where all elements from SIM to CN is simulated? i believe, for this we may need to have local roaming tie-up with local ISP right?

Thanks again for the knowledge sharing.

  1. We are not focus on RAN part, so we do not use real SIM and real UE. We just simulate RAN’s call flow to send to CN.
  2. Yes, free5GC is able to reach the Internet.
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