How to Activate Paging

Trigger paging procedure when Ping an idle-UE.

What I’ve try:
1.Run Free5GC and UERANSIM gnb/ue;
2.Establish a uesimtun0 and success to ping google via uesimtun0;
3.Kill UERANSIM gnb and restart it, to make UE idle; idle-UE gnb setup but no UE connected now).
It seems nothing happen to SMF, I can grab ICMP in UPF but nothing PAGING trigger.

How to trigger PAGING successfully besides steps above?

Not sure if killing gNB is a valid way to test that, IMO you should ask UERANSIM’s team how to trigger UE idle.

Here’s free5gc’s paging test
And by the way, this is the only test that fails for me on my environment(kernel 5.15.49-1-MANJARO) and passes on ubuntu. So make sure you follow free5gc rules for OS.

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