How to config tel number on Free5GC using test sim

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We are able to have UE communicate to Internet through a gNB and free5GC stage 1 NSA. May I ask how to configure a phone number to each UE for a UE to UE voice/data transmission?
Thank you so much for all the great help in answering our questions
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free5GC didn’t implement GPSI or VoNR feature yet. It’s welcome to open discuss or give some PR about it.

Thank you for the reply. Does it mean the communication between two UEs without a third party app is not possible?

UE can communicate with third party app with IP protocol.

If you want better or more service, you may need to add more NF to get it work for example SMSF for SMS, IMS for voice over IP, etc.

Got it, thank you so much for the reply. I will check it and if any progress we will update here.