I want to know more about free5GC

I finished installing Free5GC according to the readme.
And test.sh also confirmed that it was working properly.

But I don’t know what to do next.
How to configure the environment, how to use webconsole, and so on…
People say that QnA uses OAI, so I wonder where they can get this information.

In addition, I wonder if this project implements all 5G AKA specified in 3GPP 33.501.
I found that the function used in the UE among the 5G AKA protocol was implemented in src/amp/consumer/ue_authentication.go, but found no more.
If 5G AKA is not fully implemented, I want to implement it.

Thank you for reading.

It may be a good start to know more about free5GC start from our wiki.