If CPE start second session establishment, 5gc looks hang

After CPE send the register complete,it statrt two pdu session establishment simultaneously.then 5gc hang and not any response.
br,thornton.2Session.pcap (2.2 KB)


Sorry for that. This seems to be caused by the mis-designed on free5GC architecture. If an NF need to send and wait for a response, but other NF also sending request and wait for it’s response, free5GC will potentially get deadlock.

We are fixing this problems and will give the refactor patch in our next release.

is there any workaround solution,so that i can continue the test or give me any hints on the solution?
i can try to tune it in the lab for pre-test.

How about giving some processing time between each session establishment?

I just set two lock bool variable in amfue context,one for pdusession setup,one to pdusession release.
when one pdusession setup/release is ongoing,it will be locked,till the process is finished.
looks it worked. But the compatibility between cpe and gnb is still in trouble-shooting. the cpe-gnb didn’t transfer the dl-data correctly,so that after 55 seconds,cpe release the ue context.

After correct the compatibility of the site connectivity . CPE can reach uplink 20.8M,downlink 54.1M bps.
I set UEAMBR 50Mbps uplink/downlink. so, 5gc looks work well .
We can watch the video and play tiktok smoothly by this cpe-gnb-5gc–internet.

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