Is Network Slicing Function working on free5GC Stage3?

I want to ask the question as the topic.
if yes, then if I want to test the function such as eMBB slice, how to implement it ?


The network slicing feature has been implemented based on 3gpp R15 but not tested. If required, it can be modify to some slicing information. For instance, sNssai from the config file.


Can we add two or more slicing information(S-Nssai (SST+SD)) to the config files, if so please give some inputs on this.


amf, smf, nssf’s config can be modify to configure network slice.
However, there is no Nssai config value on WebConsole. Therefore, subscriber network slicing cannot be added but can be modify at the DB.

Hi, is the support of (S-Nssai (SST+SD)) available in the current version (as of June 2023)?

Are there any tutorials on how to set up a slicing scenario (with at least two slices) by combining the free5GC with other solutions (e.g., srsRAN or UERANSIM) to make an E2E network?

Hi @sinaebrahimi,

  1. Yes, SST and SD features are supported in the current free5GC version.
  2. Currently, there is no official tutorial about how to set up a UE using 2 slices, but it is possible.

Here are the things to watch out for while doing so:

  1. the sst and sd of your second slice are listed under snssaiList in amfcfg.yaml
  2. the sst and sd of your second slice are configured in nssfcfg.yaml and smfcfg.yaml
  3. both IP addresses of your new internet interfaces are listed under dnnList in upfcfg.yaml
  4. In free5gc-ue.yaml,
    • add another session reagarding the second slice
    • add your second slice under default-nssai
  5. add your second slice under slices in free5gc-gnb.yaml
  6. your seoncd slice is registed by the UE on free5GC webconsole
  7. run free5GC and UERANSIM as instructed on the website normally, then you will have 2 network interfaces accessing different network slices.

free5GC has 2 slices by default in amf, smf and nssf. They are (1, 010203) and (1, 112233).
You can just use (1, 112233) as your second slice and only modify the webconsole subscriber information, free5gc-ue.yaml and free5gc-gnb.yaml.