Is network slicing supported for NSA in Free5GC?

We would like to demonstrate network slicing function through Free5GC. We don’t have access to SA gNB. We have been considering to explore the options using wifi devices through N3WIF. Do you think this is possible? Or is there any option you will recommend?

We are not sure.

Accurately, we don’t know whether is there any commercial UE that support N3IWF in the market. As we know now, commercial UE on the market are NSA UE that only works with with 4G eNodeB

Thank you very much for the responds. Is it possible to enable network slicing in NSA mode for free5GC?

We have not test network slicing. But we have implement the needed IE we consider.

Got it, Thank you very much! by the way, may I ask what does IE stand for? We will try network slicing on NSA and see how it goes.

I am still a little confused about N3IWF. If the UE is communicating to CPE( WiFi devices )and connected to 5GC through N3WIF, why do we need UE to support SA mode? Is the communication between UE and CPE done through WiFi?

As I know, although N3IWF is one of NFs in 5GC, it acts more like a RAN. It seems that UEs need to perform authentication toward 5GC through N3IWF using a new encapsulation technique, which is only supported by 5G-UE. I thinks that’s why we need SA mode.