Issue while setting up 5GFREE


WhatsApp Image 2022-07-04 at 14.50.03

Hello I have the attached error when setting up 5Gfreecore

If everything runs properly without “red” error messages, and the word “PASS” appears near the end of the screen output, then free5GC is running properly. But i do have the error after the pass if you the picure.

Also cd ~/UERANSIM
build/nr-gnb -c config/free5gc-gnb.yaml

Thanks for your support

Hi, @omarfaridi1987

For the first question, it is normal to have red error messages after you shutdown the test script. If you have confirmed that the testing is passed, then it is ok.

For the second question, it seems that there is another process using the port gtp needed. So make sure the port is available, you can use command
lsof -i :<port> to find out.
Hope this can help you.

BTW, this is free5GC neither 5GFREE nor 5Gfreecore XD