Limit on multiple UEs registration


I have managed to register several UEs in the Free5GC. My question is the following: Is there a limit of UEs which can be registered? I have seen post where users get to register up to 100 UEs and when changing the buffer’ size they achieved up to 120. Is that the limit?

I am currently experiencing the pool is empty message when only registrating 10 UEs. I have already increased the buffer and I am still getting the same message with the same UEs attached.

Any suggestions are apreciate it.

If it just maintains MM, free5GC can accept over 10 UE.

The issue the link has talk about is user plane, which we cannot carry 10 session simultaneously

Hi, I don’t understand what you mean? First if all, what is MM? What is the difference between my case and the one that can register over 100 UEs in the core network?

MM stands for mobility management here.

Okey, but as I said. How can I register more than 100 UEs as the rest of the users? It seems that the buffers does not have anything to do with that…

What’s the benchmark now as your test?

And can you check where’s the bottleneck so that we can discuss about how to register more than 100 UEs.


I am not using an extra tool if that is what you are asking. To simulate several UEs I have modify your test_registration code with a for loop similar to the one in the following link:

I’m currently executing everything in a single Linux machine (laptop). I have modified the configuration files to get a gtp tunney to internet similar to the user @thornton but I cannot get a ping outside my local network as well. This is another issue I have.

Is that helpful?