N3IWF connect to the external core NFs

I just want to use N3IWF from free5gc, and other core NF Will be deployed in the same machine, but they are the binary developed by ourself. What operation or configuration I need add or change to make the N3IWF can connect with our own Amf and upf

I think you may want to change the config file of n3iwf and set the core network’s NF to your needed.

thanks very much for your answer!

And another question is if we want to bind this N2 and N3 interface IP of N3IWF to one physical interface, how to config or add these IPs in this file, I see that:
sudo ip addr add dev veth0
sudo ip addr add dev veth0

here bind the N2 N3 ip to the veth0,

Yes, you may use ip command to set IP on interface, just change the device after dev