N3IWF not connecting to AMF


I installed Free5GC in Oracle Virtual Box VM exposed to 3 Network interfaces(keeping all the 3 interfaces in Bridged Adapter network). Below are the interface addresses:
enp0s3 :
enp0s8 :
enp0s9 :
and created the 4th interface using the commands given for ipsec0.

I have attached the logs in below files while running ./run.sh and sudo ./bin/n3iwf and getting error while running both the scripts. Kindly help.

N3IWF.doc (20.5 KB)
Run.doc (112.5 KB)

Hi gaurvitbhatia1,

It seems like there is something wrong with N3IWF configuration.
Could you show us your configuration of N3IWF?

Many thanks,

Hi syujy,

I have attached the N3IWF config file. Also, I observed some connection refused error while trying to run just the AMF component. PFA files for your reference.

amf.doc (34 KB) n3iwf_config.doc (13.5 KB)