Network topology overview for webconsole


I am a student at TU Darmstadt in Germany, and I am currently working on extending the webconsole with some features my department finds interesting.
Among those features, it would be interesting to add a network topology overview which shows the running NFs in the core, and add the configured IP addresses and ports and other information to them.

If you are interested, I can later share this work with the upstream project. For this, I would like to know if something speaks against using react flow for this, e.g. if an MIT licence is ok to be integrated with free5gc. Please let me know!

Kind regards,

Hello, according to the question you asked, it is indeed very interesting to display the NFs running in the 5G network, the IP address and port of each NF, and other related information about the 5G network on the webconsole matter. Regarding this issue, I suggest that you can ask questions on the free5GC github issue. In addition, the license of free5GC uses Apache-2.0. I will ask the above people about this issue.