NRF bootstrap missing?


I just started some tests to check if the external (commercial) CHF can be integrated with Free5gc and I found an issue with the NRF registration.

According to 3GPP TS 29.510 Rel 18, NRF should provide Bootstrap Service (as described in “5.5 Nnrf_Bootstrapping Service”).

Unfortunately, when my CHF tries to bootstrap, it gets “404 page not found” response.

Looking into tcpdumps, I also do not see any other bootstrap messages from other Free5gc components. They all start NRF registration directly from PUT request.

Do I understand correctly that bootstraping is not supported by Free5gc NRF? If so, are there any plans to implement it?

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free5GC is based on R15, which NRF doesn’t have bootstrap.
However, we are working on upgrading free5GC to R17, and there will be a bootstrap service.
You can see our schedule and roadmap on the official website:

Ok, thanks for info. Good to know that R17 is under development :slight_smile: