Nrf version 1.0.2 required

After installing free5gc with webconsole tried to run free5gc with cd ~ free5gc and ./bin/amf its getting

[email protected]:/home/cnlabs/free5gc# ./bin/amf

AMF register to NRF Error[Put “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused]
when i have searched on internet on 5gc forum they said we need to start nrf before amf

while starting nrf we getting below error

[email protected]:/home/cnlabs/free5gc# ./bin/nrf
2022-12-21T18:02:40.351617008+05:30 [ERRO][NRF][CFG] config version is [1.0.1], but expected is [1.0.2].
2022-12-21T18:02:40.351812399+05:30 [ERRO][NRF][CFG] [-- PLEASE REFER TO SAMPLE CONFIG FILE COMMENTS --]
2022-12-21T18:02:40.351874244+05:30 [ERRO][NRF][App] NRF Run Error: Failed to initialize !!

Please anyone can help us

A PullRequest for this was thrown before.
I don’t know when it will be merged.

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Hi @s5uishida, @cnlabs
This PR is merged!
You can check if the problem is fixed.