'NWDAF' is not authorized to retrieve the slice selection information" from NSSF


When using API call with nf-type as ‘NWDAF’ to NSSF, 403 error is received:

curl -v -G http://localhost:8001/nnssf-nsselection/v1/network-slice-information \

–data-urlencode ‘nf-type=NWDAF’
–data-urlencode ‘nf-id=9a79d4e9-4050-4a4a-a7d7-9c80dae5f111’
–data-urlencode ‘slice-info-request-for-pdu-session={“sNssai”:{“sst”:1,“sd”:“010203”},“roamingIndication”:“NON_ROAMING”}’

Response is as below:

{“title”:“Unauthorized NF service consumer”,“status”:403,“detail”:"nf-type:‘NWDAF’ is not authorized to retrieve the slice selection information"}

Can someone assist.

Hi @CharlesB

The answer is here: https://github.com/free5gc/nssf/blob/51759368c91065e023d00b2df27eeb2b3d12c3f1/producer/network_slice_information_document.go#L84

The NSSF only accepts requests from AMF and NSSF NF types.

Hi @abousselmi

Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated. But do you know why this restriction is implemented in free5gc?

According to 3GPP TS 23.288 Section 6.3, it clearly mentions that NWDAF can invoke Nnssf_NSSelection_Get service operation from NSSF to obtain the NSI ID(s) corresponding to the S- NSSAI in the subscription.