Open Source Radio - Lime Microsystems

Hello All,

LimeMicro is the only open source wireless radio chipset currently in the market globally, operating between 100KHz to 3.8GHz. We are lacking in terms of RAN solutions that are open source. Does anyone recommend or know of any RAN provider that is/are open sourced?

Looking forward to hearing back on suggestions. Many thanks.


My apologizes. Can’t give you any advice.

Thanks @ allex0604, not an issue.

LimeSDR Mini V2 has just been rolled out. For those interested, please refer to CrowdSupply page for further information:


Is Lime microsystems tested with Free5GC?

We at LimeMicro, did not do any tests with Free5GC. But given Free5GC has worked with others gNBs, than it should not be an issue.

In addition, We execute free5gc with UERANSIM this open source ran.
Hope that my reply can help you.