PDU Session Resource Setup Response Failed cause transport: transport-resource-unavailable (0)

There has a probability that the PDU Session Resource Setup Response Failed cause of transport: transport-resource-unavailable (0). Dose any one has a clue?
transport-resource-unavailable.pcap (15.7 KB)

Except the phenomenon above sometimes we can build PDU session successfully. But the UPF log indicated [ERRO][UPF][Util] Pool is full, it may not belong to this pool.


Can you provide the log on core network?


PDUSessionFailLog.docx (20.9 KB)

Thanks a lot!

The RAN seems to send 2 UplinkNASTransport. Is this a right procedure?

@calee It seems to be normal, coz sometimes when we established PDU session successfully, the two UPlinkMASTransport messages also existed. Here is the capture file of the successful procedure.

PDUSessionSuccess.pcap (27.1 KB)