Problem of One SMF, Multiple UPFs and DNNs

Hi All,

I followed the article(author: s5uishida) below and tried to make it work, but I got errors in free5gc and UE when started up UE.
One SMF, Multiple UPFs and DNNs



I also noticed that when I started up the C-Plane(free5GC), it showed the “[FATA][SMF][Init] overlap cidr value between UPFs”.

My environment is working on VM:
Linux ubuntu 20.04,
free5GC version: v3.2.0,
go version: go1.19.2 linux/amd64,

I had try the network setting as NAT on VM, also try it as bridge mode on VM, but I got the same error as above.
I was wondering if there is something wrong with my IP address setting in the /etc/netplan/00-install-config.yaml as following picture, but I use the same IP setting to run free5GC+UERANSIM without any problem.

It is very strange that if the IP is changed to the commented IP address, the UE can start successfully without any error.
But the IP address is given according to the article, on my environment it can’t connect to the internet, so the established uesimtun0 can’t ping to google either.

Any suggestions or helps are appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @sing1020,

Regarding: “[FATA][SMF][Init] overlap cidr value between UPFs”, I thin this error causes SMF to terminate.

I think that you need to define separate cidr pools for every UPF that is being defined in smfcfg.yaml.
e.g.,, …

Hope it helps,