Problems on UPF Configuration

We are now confused with the configuration of UPF.

As the picture shows, are line 17 and line 19 must be configured?

Our network interface of connecting the gNodeB is ens192, which has been configured with the IP address of what is on line 15. What we thought was that if we set set ifname as ens192, the data flow with gNodeB would be transferred through ens192 which is an existing network interface. But if I enable line 19 and set ifname as ens192, the upf log will show error like “[ERRO][UPF][Util] gtp5g device named ens192 created fail”. So it seems that upf is trying to create an interface named as I set in the ifname item.

So may I draw the conclusion that line 19 is required when my virtual machine does not have a specific network interface like ens192, and if there is the interface which is set the correct IP address and I configured the address to line 15, the upf will transfer the data flow through ens192 to gNodeB?

If I am right, what about line 25? Our dn interface is ens160, and I have configured as the picture, however there is no error showing that ens160 cannot be created.

And here is my network interfaces in the below picture. Ens160 is set for dn, ens192 is set for connecting gNodeB, ens224 is set for smf connection, ens193 may be created by upf when I tested to set line 19 as ens193. So according to the configuration picture above, do I have the upf configured correctly?