Questions about UE authentication

After the core network has finished decrypting the SUCI into a SUPI, in which function does it verify the SUPI?

Hello @cynthia,
I think the function of verifying SUPI is placed in UDM.
From the picture, AMF will find SUPI based on 5G-GUTI and use SUPI to complete the authentication. If the 5G-GUTI cannot find the corresponding SUPI, the AMF will request the SUCI from the UE and re-authenticate according to the SUCI.

If you have other questions, you can ask again, thank you

Hi @meow0122 @cynthia

As I know,
AUSF is responsible for authentication.
UDM is just decrypt the SUPI in SUCI. when decryption work finished, UDM will returns the SUPI to AUSF for authentication.

Sorry @cynthia I misunderstood and thanks @ianchen0119 for the complete explanation. :clap: